A Birthday Ditty for Su


I once had a junior named Robin,

Robin was good at hobnob'n,

At that she was in her glory!

But Robin thought work was no fun,

And as a result got nothing done,

And that was the end of her story.


I had another junior named Janice,

Janice was a bit into madness,

And problems - problems galore.

As she often got peeved,

And could get no reprieve,

She very soon walked out the door.


And then there was a junior named Susan.

Susan very much like'd to go cruis'n.

She was normally prim and proper,

But for a motorcycle speedy,

When of this she was needy,

Very little if anything could stop her.

Now in this there was nothing corrupt,

But while I revved the bike,

Up her skirts she would hike,

And soon I would hear

Distinct words from the rear:

"Gitty up, Gitty Up, Gitty Up!"





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10 April 1985, Hollywood, California, USA

Copyright 1997 by Rodney W. Jenkins, Glendale, California. Unauthorized duplication or use is a violation of applicable federal laws.