Future Past


Greetings from a far away land

Where the sun shines brightly

And my worries seem less troublesome somehow


I bathe myself in the warmth of the sun

And cast my eyes on the beauty of the ocean

and the shore

Admiring its perfection

It seems a dream become reality


I smile and place less pleasant thoughts

at a comfortable distance

And so immerse myself in the beauty of the moment

of now in this place and time

And thus it is possible for my spirit to soar

high above the earth


Looking down, I gain perspective

On my life

My closest friends spread far and wide

And all souls on this tiny planet

at the edge of a far-flung galaxy


I step outside of time

And looking back . . .

Gaze unblinking at the rise and fall of civilizations

on this planet


And now, not blind,

disagree with the threatening of others

as a means to survival

Seeing this leads to chaos and loss

I decide not to be with those who,

bent on their own destruction,

ridicule man's better side

But claim as my friends

those who help those around them

if only through a smile


And I recognize apathy in the advice that

man cannot significantly better himself

but must suffer along through life as best he can


Rather, I look down and see a possible future

brightly lit, although dimly seen

As if remembering some long past civilization

And glean that life need not be a gruesome trial

of successive disappointments

But can be a time of growth


In which the games played are not against our fellows,

that we might win and they might lose

But rather a game for the ascension of our fellows

over life's barriers

In which our sometimes boredom with life

passes into a constancy of interest

And we create a future perhaps worthy

of man's enthusiasm


And we begin to perceive that man is not a beast at all

but a being with magical qualities

Some pass into a new plane of existence


And those come back to help their fellows out.






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19 December 1982, Clearwater, Florida, USA

Copyright 1997 by Rodney W. Jenkins, Glendale, California. Unauthorized duplication or use is a violation of applicable federal laws.