A Dreamed Reality


Dreams. As we say the word, we smile.

What journeys they can be!

To far off lands and people we have not seen.


But are they only journeys in our minds?

Or journeys to some other space and time?


I sometimes find myself exploring . . .

Facinating sights and people,

Long hallways and complicated buildings,

Many empty places.


Sometimes, I become lost,

But finding bright and curious lights,

I speed along to see

Men and women, boys and girls,

Activity and conversation,

While I watch unnoticed.


Drifting closer,

Noticing a dancer,

Who is this girl in scanty costume,

Why is she here?


A strong sextual attraction

Pulls on my attention.

And with abandon,

I move closer,

Her nakedness to see,

But find her skin covered

With tight flesh colored fabric

Warding off the chill of air . . .

And my gaze.


This is no dream of mine

For I would not have dressed her so!


And I awake to find my head on my pillow

Entering a more agreed upon reality.


The next night,

As I lay down to sleep,

And finding my repose,

My dream friend beckons me.


I look across space

Through other time and dimension

In the direction of her call


But I cannot find her . . .


Space and time have shifted

And with no map to guide me,

The portal is lost.



Love Borne On A Passionate Dream

Against a reality

Of thoughts unsaid and passions unfulfilled

That rend vaunted logic and reason.


A dream that could never really be.

And so it seems.


But two still holding on,

Crying across space and time to each other,


The Portals Will Someday Cross.







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28 September 1984, Hollywood, California, USA

Copyright 1997 by Rodney W. Jenkins, Glendale, California. Unauthorized duplication or use is a violation of applicable federal laws.