Thoughts on the True Impact of Terrorism on the U.S. & Western Civilization:

"In this era of threat and change, we must all renew our pledge to protect [the] Constitution against the foreign enemies that would inflict terrorism against our nation and its people. . . . We must also defend the Constitution against those who would use the terrorist threat to assault the liberties the Constitution enshrines. . . . If there is another major, successful terrorist attack in this country there will be further assaults on our rights and civil liberties. Thus, it is essential that we prevent further attacks and that we protect the Constitution . . . against all enemies."
Richard A. Clarke, Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror, 2004

"It has become a cliché . . . that at a certain point, if the United States betrays its fundamental principles in the cause of fighting terror, then "the terrorists will have won." The image of the Hooded Man, now known the world over, raises a stark question: Is it possible that that moment of defeat could come and go, and we will never know it?"
Mark Danner, "Abu Ghraib: The Hidden Story," The New York Review of Books, 10/7/2004

"In trying to bring peace and progress to a world torn by gross violations of human rights, the use of evil means can only pollute the outcome. To act without any conscience against an opponent -- no matter how wrong or brutal he may be -- poisons both youself and your cause." ~ Milton Meltzer, The Day the Sky Fell: A History of Terrorism, 2002

"In the war against transnational terrorism, we are losing ground on a crucial front: the battle of ideas. Words, not just weapons, fuel revolutions; and the language of political liberty and economic opportunity can inspire the victory of life over death, faith over fatalism, and progress over stagnation throughout the Muslim world."
Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT), Chairman, Hearing on 9/11 Commission Recommendations on Public Diplomacy, 8/23/2004