Letter to the Editor

sent 29 November 2003

Enough is enough. Sharon's security policy of 'forcible response' and 'construction of barriers' -- geographic, demographic, economic and political -- is a failed policy that threatens not only the security of his own country but the peace and prosperity of Western Civilization. And for the sake of this planet, that must not continue.

Israel has had many opportunities to mend this situation over the past decades. That it has not done so and that this situation still persists means clearly that they have unwittingly embraced a huge LIE. Otherwise, their policies would have resolved the situation. Clearly they have not. The BIG LIE that Sharon unwittingly embraces is that peace is not possible without having your 'enemy' firmly under your thumb. The TRUTH is that they had better work hard to turn their enemies into their friends if they ever expect to have real security. The latter is done through good will and building bridges: political, economic, and social.

Our only sane course is for the United States to publicly state our disapproval and disagreement with Israel's failed security policy of force and suppression against the Palestinians. We must follow our words with action by incrementally withdrawing our economic and military support until Israel decides to embrace FULL RESPONSIBILITY for what is good for the ENTIRE Middle East. When Israel does so, they will finally find the peace and security that has eluded them for over five decades.

But, we must act NOW before the divide between the Western World and the Islamic World becomes even greater.

It's time for our great nation to stand up for what we believe in: namely, freedom and justice for ALL. To do so, we must divorce ourselves from the BIG LIE embraced by Sharon and his political cronies, and its all too obvious consequences.

Rod Jenkins
Clearwater, Florida