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The early days

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Marie Hallie Gollaher Jenkins
Mom: Marie Hallie (Gollaher) Jenkins ~ 20 years old

Mom - Nurses College

Mom & Dad: Marie & Roland Jenkins ~ 1945

Mom & Dad

Just getting started!


My brother has arrived!

Roddy & Randy Jenkins, circa 1950

Don Juan move aside!

Bring on the presents!

Bedroom eyes
Roddy Jenkins

Start your engines!


Where's my limo?

My first prom! Roddy Jenkins (right)
circa 1952

Ginger Tarrent - my first love.

Childhood friends.

The mean team! Roddy & Randy Jenkins, Jimmy Tarrent

Cousins Joe & Patsy Jenkins (front).


Mom's Family

Rod Jenkins' graduation
Rod Jenkins

Long-hair days!
Rod Jenkins,
circa 1968


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Marie & Roland Jenkins circa 1945 Rod Jenkins