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1975 to Present -- Rod Jenkins' friends and adventures (last updated 14 February 2004)
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Darlene Sarnowski Jenkins

Shannon Ford

Randy & Pat Jenkins


Darlene Sarnowski Jenkins on our Honeymoon in the Smokie Mountains - 1975.

Kristina Ford Jenkins, my second wife - circa 1986.

Shannon Ford, my beautiful and brilliant step-daughter.

Marylou Westbrook & Ally - my 3rd long term relationship (1989 - 1994)

Allyson Kerseg, Marylous delightful and charismatic daughter.

The Sylvia Drive gang - 40 yrs later - childhood neighborhood friends ~1995.

Randy & Pat Jenkins, my brother and sister-in-law.

Bike trip. Lunch at Marina Del Rey, CA. Mandy Lee, Jeff Chau, Tom Daly, Charlie Russ ~ 1995.



Tahoe ski trip - Tom Daly & Rod Jenkins having a 16º lunch ~1996.

The four musketeers rafting the Kern River
(T.J. Moore, Charlie Russ, Tom Daly & Rod Jenkins)

Sailing in hurricane force winds - Tom (shown), Charlie & I sail for LA from Catalina Island - Sept. '96

Harpeth River near Kingston Springs, TN, hiking with Brownie - July '98

Jenkins family reunion at uncle Leo's ranch in Farmington, MO - Aug '98

Randy, Pat, Dad and I (right to left) at family reunion - Aug '98.

Bonaire in the Caribbean - Aug '98

Jennifer Leal & I horseback riding in the Caribbean - Aug '98

Rod Jenkins  

Dad, Roland Jenkins, in St. Louis - Christmas '98.

Astronomy 101 - Tom Daly setting up his new telescope in Joshua Tree National Park - Jan '99

Catus garden in Joshua Tree National Park - Jan '99

Aunt Dora Jenkins' 90th Birthday Party in St. Louis - July '99

My cousin Michele and her children: Joey, Jenny & Sarah
in St. Louis
July '99

Tennessee country west of Nashville
August '99

Rod Jenkins next to entrance to the old Nachez Trace (originally an Indian trail later used by settlers and US army)

My close friend & adopted sister (by mutual consent) Brownie Hollaway Pulliam's childhood home in Tennessee.

Childhood church friends: Marla, Bev, and Cheryl in front, Dan (Bev's hubby). Still great friends after all these years.

Lake of the Ozarks evening sky
...taken by Bev? at her Mom's house where we stayed - July '99

Celebrating our reunion with good food. Love them hot poppers!
(Bev's Mom Dottie at right of center.)

Bev Compton Dirck who was like a younger sister while I was growing up. She's still wonderful!

My new digs in New Jersey while I work on the State Motor Vehicle Inspection Program - Sept '99

Fall colors in NJ were fantastic - Nov '99
(my condo is in the center)

View of Fall colors from my NJ condo bedroom window.

View of New York City from top of Empire State Building - Oct '99

Antoine Assioun Rod Jenkins  

My friend and work associate Antoine Assioun in New York City

Times Square at twilight - Oct '99

The war room for startup of the NJ inspection pgm (5:30am - 8:30pm Mon-Sat). Faint of heart need not apply. Dec. '99

'99 Christmas dinner with my brother, Randy, sister-in-law, Pat, and my Dad (off screen) in Florida

Rod Jenkins at the harbor of a most beautiful Caribbean island: Saint Barthelemy (French) Jan. '00

Lourdes Capo, pausing from our scooter ride on
St. Barthelemy
- Jan '00

Lourdes Capo and Rod Jenkins at a restaurant over looking the beach. It's a tough life but someone has to live it!

"Endeavor" - the Americas Cup yacht out of Newport Beach, CA, docked at St. Barthelemy over New Year's day.

Larry Sherwood Rod Jenkins  

The ever so romantic
Caribbean sky.

Jane, Rick, and Heidi clowning at the beach on St. Barthelemy
- Jan '00

The most beautiful beach on St. Barthelemy (aka, the "nude" beach)

Rick, Heidi and Rod still playing around (Heidi is a Las Vegas singer and commedian).

Secret gardens on St. Kitts (okay -- they're not so secret but they are beautiful!)

Friends, Sandy & Clayton, and I at the highest point on Antiqua
- Jan '00

Larry Sherwood pausing during our kayaking adventure near his home in Sacramento, California.

Rod Jenkins in one of Larry Sherwood's Kayaks
(see Folsum State Prison sign above head!)

Randy Jenkins Joann Marolda Rod Jenkins at FLAG Rod & Joann Jenkins cutting cake  

My brother Randy carving Thanksgiving Turkey - Nov 02

My beautiful fiancee Joann Marolda - Thanksgiving '02

The Williams and Jenkins clans getting ready to chow down!

Rod Jenkins awarded Scientology Advanced Certificate Nov '02

Wedding Party. Our wedding
Dec 8,'02

Cutting the Cake at Wedding Reception

It's good to hug!
(Joann & Rod Jenkins)

(Joann & Rod Jenkins)



On Honeymoon in Orlando, Florida
- Dec '02

Portofino Hotel in Orlando at night

Anyone for a pint?
- British pub in Epcot Park

Are we in Morocco? No. It just seems like it at Epcot Park.

A boat on a lake inside a Hotel? Yes - at Gaylords in Orlando.

Joann's Dad's garden at Joann's childhood home on Long Island

Celebrating Joann's Birthday on Long Island - August '03

Joann's very active parents: Ronald & Marie Marolda.

Jennifer Martin & Rod Jenkins  

Joann & Rod Jenkins at Cold Springs Harbor Park on Long Island

New York City Metropolitan Museum of History

Relaxing at a Restaurant in Central Park - August '03

Outside the 2003 Music Video Awards at Radio City Music Hall

Cruising 'City Place' in Juno Beach, Florida,
Christmas '03

Xmas Shopping in Boca Ratan, Florida - Dec '03

Joann & her sister Jennifer outside Jenn's condo in Boynton Beach, Florida

My lovely sister-in-law Jennifer Martin and I

Jennifer Martin Ronald Marolda Rod Jenkins          

Jennifer Martin & her boyfriend, Jim Wagner

Joann, Mom & Jennifer
- Christmas '03

Ronny Marolda outside Jenn's condo on the lake

Rod Jenkins in front of Christmas tree
- Dec '03






Space shots
(not by me)
but excellent!
Be sure to click to see the enlargement.

That's All Folks! -- for now anyway!

Oops! Don't you just hate it when you forget to put on your pants and you're out in public?


Orion Nebula

M100 Galaxy

North America

Planetary Nebula


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